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Extension cord (1 = 1 linear meter)
Extension cord (1 = 1 linear meter)
Extension cord, running metres, for individual installation, pulleys
Content 1 Laufende(r) Meter
£1.00 *
Zugschnur und Perle
Cord + bead (spare part)
Replacement cord for the electronic doorkeeper. Loop + bead provided, open end for threading.
Content 1 piece
£1.00 *
Batteriehalter für Elektronischen Pförtner VSB
Battery holder with cable + connections...
Battery holder for electronic doorkeeper VSBb, spare part
Content 1 piece
£3.00 *
Magnete für Elektronischen Pförtner SA-Bedienmagnete
M01 - SA magnet - mounting set
SA magnet mounting set + incl. 2x spare magnets for electronic doorkeeper
Content 1 piece
£4.00 *
Musikalische Eieruhr zum Mitkochen
The musical egg timer to cook with - "Piep-Ei"...
Beep Egg - AXT-electronic. The egg timer to cook with. For the perfect breakfast egg. Ideal complement to an electronic doorkeeper for the henhouse.
Content 1 piece
£14.95 *