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Elektronischer Pförtner VSD mit Batterien
VSD - Electronic doorkeeper with batteries and...
Electronic doorkeeper with manual control / automatic chicken flap / flap adjuster with batteries (4x AA) for outdoor installation, opens and closes vertical sliders (optionally available) on poultry houses at dusk.
Content 1 piece
£109.00 *
ext. SA - Extension cable for manual operation for VSD and VSE
ext.SA - Extension for manual override VSD/E,...
VSC/D/E only! Accessories for electronic doorkeepers, is required if doorkeepers are installed in the stable or if devices cannot be reached for manual operation. Length: different lengths selectable
Content 1 piece
From £10.00 *
External LED extension cable for LED status indicator for VSD and VSE
ext.LED - Extension cable for status indicator...
VSD/E only! Accessories for Electronic Gatekeeper VSD/E, is required if doorkeeper is mounted in the barn and the LED feedback of the VSD/E should be visible... Length: different lengths selectable
Content 1 piece
From £10.00 *
Schutzschiene für Hühnerklappe, Marderschutz, Fuchsschutz
Protective rail (Accessory for AXT poultry...
Protective rail (accessory for poultry house slider), protective rail as accessory for AXT poultry house slider. Prevents martens and foxes from getting under the slide plate and pushing it open. Serves as additional safety for your...
Content 1 piece
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Batteriehalter für Elektronischen Pförtner VSB
Battery holder with cable + connections...
Battery holder for electronic doorkeeper VSBb, spare part
Content 1 piece
£3.00 *
Musikalische Eieruhr zum Mitkochen
The musical egg timer to cook with - "Piep-Ei"...
Beep Egg - AXT-electronic. The egg timer to cook with. For the perfect breakfast egg. Ideal complement to an electronic doorkeeper for the henhouse.
Content 1 piece
£14.95 *